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How about the opposite of surprise?:


After all, Aoyama's characters get up, brush their teeth, and go to school or the office--or in Kogorou's case, the bar--like the rest of us.

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This week's challenge is:


Feel free to surprise your readers along with the characters. :) A proposal, a party, a pregnancy-any of them can be the basis for a surprise.

The surprise doesn't have to be pleasant though. For example, there are several stories that reveal Yusaku Kudo to be the true boss of the Black Organization. How about coming up with a rational way that another character can be the true boss instead? Have fun!
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Title: Choice
Author: peppymint
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one
Characters: Kaito Kuroba and Saguru Hakuba
Summary: Kaito has a decision to make, but does he really have a choice?

To Fic
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Please follow link for my response to the manycases1truth challenge 91: Animals


Featuring the one, the only Watson
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Somehow, the closest we've come to this challenge is The Zoo. I think it's way past time for a challenge about:


There's a few different ways to go about this. One possibility is to write about Eri's kitten, Kaito's doves, Hakuba's hawk, Jirokichi Suzuki's dog, or any other pets the characters have. You can write about a character getting a pet in the present or having a pet die in the past. Another possibility is to have an animal involved in a case somehow. If you want to involve magic or an apotoxin alternate, you can change characters into animals. The last thing I can think of is an animal AU. Basically, what if everyone in the DC and MK world were born animals. It'd be hard to do a long fic about it, but it might make an amusing oneshot. Feel free to suggest any other possibilities!

Finally, here's a recommendation related to the challenge. It's already been posted to this community, but you might enjoy rereading it: Dear Santa.
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Wow, we're almost up to 100 different prompts! Here's one in the vein of secrets and lies:


The special act of secretly listening to a private conversation. ♥ Enjoy!
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In honor of International Women's Month (as a matter of fact, International Women's Day is this Friday, March 8th), this week's challenge is:


Dismayed with how the girls rarely kick butt these days? Now's your chance to remedy that! Officer Satou saving Officer Takagi is an easy enough example but, surely, the other female characters are capable of rescuing their men, too! (If it helps, feel free to interpret "distress" whichever way you want, especially for those characters without any martial-arts or gun-shooting skills.) Bring on the girl power, everyone!
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After reading about the snaggletooth fashion craze in Japan, I can't help but wonder how this latest challenge can be interpreted by writers:


Before I list any ideas, please take a moment to simply think about Detective Conan/Magic Kaito and fashion together to see if any wild ideas pop up. Feel free to share them!

This is probably going to be a hard challenge because the only characters I can think of that MIGHT be fashion-concious are Ai, Sonoko, Yukiko, Chikage, and Vermouth. It doesn't help that Detective Conan has been around for a really long time. I think though that adding a fashion craze into the background of your fic can help make it feel like time is actually passing. It suggests that this is the current fashion, the past fashion is now out of style, and the current fashion will eventually be replaced. You don't have to use an actual fashion either. Make up a new popular slang word, invent a new game that everyone's playing, etc.

A more specific idea is that one of the female characters tries to do something fashionable that is rumored to help get her the guy of her dreams. This can be Ran trying to get Shinichi to come back, Sonoko making an grab for Kaitou Kid/Makoto's attention, or Kazuha attempting to get Heiji to notice her as a girl. Also, Shinichi and Kaito have probably both been taught how the clothes you're wearing affect people's impressions of you. Conan might use knowledge about a fashion craze to solve a case while Kaito might need the same knowledge for a disguise. That's all I can think of right now. Any more ideas?
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A while back, I posted a challenge about "Child(ren)". Well, why not now do the other half of the challenge?:


There are 2 main ways I can think of to do this challenge. The first is to write a future fic about the main characters. They can be expecting their first child or trying to deal with any children they already have, but the main focus should be on their roles as parents and not on the children.

The second option, which really sparked this challenge, is to write about the parents of the main DC and MK characters. What were their lives like before they had children? Why did they choose their eventual careers? How did the various couples meet their future spouses and each other?

I have 2 recommendations about Toichi and Chikage that fit this challenge. Please feel free to post more, especially about the other sets of parents!

in tempo - "and with a one, two, three, four, let's take our steps down memory lane, swing in the present, and waltz to the future. Toichi/Chikage". Hilarious and heartbreaking. It skips back and forth in time for the maximum emotional impact.

Spandex, Seven Possible Uses Of - "This is not a story about love. It's not, really. Or: the true—in parts, anyway—story behind Kuroba Kaito's existence. First!KID/Phantom Lady. Also, crack. Happy birthday, hattergems!" This is hilarious. It's a couple years old so you all may have already read it though.

Finally, what is this community's policy on recommendations? My understanding of the profile is that we shouldn't post an entry just to recommend stories, but is posting recommendations with the challenges ok?
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Valentine's Day may be coming up, but that doesn't mean we can't write about:


Note, however, that we don't have to stick to characters mourning over a lost love or a failed relationship, this week's challenge can be interpreted in other ways as well! How about a fic where Detective Chiba lines up for several hours at Comiket, only to not get the rare merchandise or doujinshi he wants? How will the Detective Boys handle Masked Yaiba and/or the Gomera series of movies coming to an end? If Youko retires from showbiz, how will Kogorou react? What if Sera finally comes to the realization that, no, her breasts will never pop out? Or Detective Takagi's favorite wrestler loses a match? A fall-from-grace kind of fic the likes of the 3 Ks of Osaka or the Ski Lodge Murder cases from the Conan manga? The possibilities are endless! Happy Anti-Valentine's Day, everyone!
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Looking to role play Detective Conan or Magic Kaitou? Like writing fan fiction? Look no further!

Mysterious is a multi-era Detective Conan and Magic Kaitou message board Role Playing Game set after the London arc of the series. While we aren't era-clash, we permit applicants to apply for deceased characters and interact in our past forum, as well as develop alive characters' histories there too! While our alternate universe forum isn't the primary focus and we expect our players to partake in the main storyline, we allow our players to also play out sideline stories of whatever they'd like, in addition to playing Gosho canon only threads—we've got everything a writer would want covered!

Our main storyline takes an alternate route to what Gosho Aoyama has defined for his series after the London arc, merging both of his worlds into one. We've been ongoing since January 2011, therefore we're bound to stick around! We accept canon characters from both series, in addition to original characters of any faction and we do offer adoptable characters.

Here's some of the canons we'd like to see applied for, but not all of them are listed! The ones that are bolded are the ones we're in dire need of and they also come with plothooks! =D

  • Agasa Hiroshi
  • Akai Shuichi/Okiya Subaru
  • Bourbon/Amuro Tooru
  • Edogawa Conan/Kudo Shinichi
  • Ethan Hondou
  • Gin
  • Haibara Ai/Miyano Shiho/Sherry
  • Hattori Heiji
  • Jodie Starling
  • Kir
  • Kisaki Eri
  • Kuroba Toichi/Kaitou Kid I
  • Megure Juzo
  • Miyano Akemi
  • Miyano Atsushi
  • Miyano Elena
  • Mouri Kogoro
  • Mouri Ran
  • Nakamori Ginzo
  • Satou Miwako
  • Sera Masumi
  • Snake
  • The Shonen Tantei (all!)
  • Takagi Wataru
  • Toyama Kazuha

And many more found here http://detective.ethereal-visions.net/wiki/Canon_List!

Don’t know what Role Playing is? Role Playing is interactive storytelling. Instead of working by your lonesome, you’re working on a story with multiple people and the possibilities are endless. Each character in the game has their own story to tell and it will develop with each post, and your partner’s responses are unpredictable. If you’re into writing collaborative fan fiction (or writing fan fiction in general), then you might find Role Playing interesting!

Mysterious has no word count and we welcome all levels. We just require a good understanding of the English language and we welcome EFL writers!

Interested? Come check us out!


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I am looking for a fic where Kid has a gem that has Medusa's face on one side. Hakuba somehow gets the gem and ends up with tentacles. There is more than one part but I can't remember if they are separate stories or not. The pairing is Hakuba/Kid.
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I've been exploring the Detective Conan World Wiki, and one of the things I find the most interesting is WHY the murderer did it. Sometimes it's really inane (you didn't like the book he wrote?!), but a lot of the time the murderer did it because the victim committed a crime and got away with it. Usually, the original crime was a murder too. The murderers often lose sympathy points by threatening or endangering the innocent with their schemes, but it's interesting that so many murders are done in the quest for justice. That led me to this week's challenge:


For this challenge, why not write the story from the murderer's point of view? What was the reason for the murder? How did the murderer feel after having actually gone through with it? Was he or she angry or relieved after being caught?

Another possibility, and what I have really been wondering about lately, is what would be enough to make one of the DC or MK characters resort to murder? What could possibly happen to make them think that murder is the only way that justice will be served?

It's strange because I'm not a big angst fan (unless it's short and usually with a happy ending), but I've been thinking this challenge over for a few days so I thought I'd post it. Below are a couple of good examples I've found if anyone wants to check them out:

Counting Crows- "Seven murders, seven motives. One for sorrow..." WARNING, the last one is heartbreaking.

The Raven- "There's a mass murderer on the loose, his social peers have turned against him, and a dead rival is haunting his dreams. Can Hakuba unravel the truth behind the Raven before it consumes him?Deathfic, ONESHOT"

Sorry, I couldn't find the one with Ai killing a Black Org. member (Vodka?) and leaving the other to take the blame. Anyone know which one that is?
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Most of the characters in Aoyama-sensei's crew may have a keen sense of justice, but that doesn't mean they're immune to:


Pride, envy, lust, sloth, anger, gluttony, and greed—take your pick! Choose one, two, a few, or even all of them! The challenge doesn't have to be played straight, however; characters can be shown struggling to avoid or overcoming their favorite sins (e.g. Genta going on a diet, Ran forcing Kogorou to clean up after himself). Have fun!
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EDIT: Edited the HTML fail, sorry about that!

I know this comm is geared toward the Detective Conan and Magic Kaito fandoms, but I've been thinking about this for a while, and I hope the mods would be all right with this kind of challenge:


There're quite a lot, albeit not all of them have English translations (manga-wise, at least): Yaiba, Detective George's Mini-Mini Big Strategy, "Play It Again", "Excalibur", "The Santa Claus of Summer", "Wait for Me", "The Wandering Red Butterfly", "Nonchalant Lupin", "Tell Me A Lie", and 3rd Base Fourth. While not all of them are translated into English, some have been animated into short OVAs. Feel free to crossover any of these fandoms with our usual DC/MK fare, if it makes things any easier (or fun)! Because, seriously, there's no one else to give these fandoms love other than us Aoyama Gosho fans—I mean, we probably wouldn't have watched or read them it weren't for DC/MK! Anyway, enjoy, and knock yourselves out, everyone!

(I'd link to Englsh scanslations of Yaiba and "Tell Me A Lie", but I'm not sure whether it's allowed in this comm, sorry!)
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Title: A Bachelor's Life
Author: Ran-dezvous
Genre: Family and General
Fandom: Detective Conan
Character: Agasa Hiroshi, with mentions of Fusae Campbell/Kinoshita Fusae, Kudou Shinichi/Edogawa Conan, Mouri Ran, Haibara Ai/Miyano Shiho, the Black Organization, Miyano Atsushi, and the Detective Boys
Word Count: 694
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Doesn't have any plot at all, so if it's not your cup of tea, feel free to skip. Also contains mild spoilers for Agasa's First Love/Gingko-Colored First Love (Files 410-412/Volume 40, Files 7-9; Episodes 421-422).
Original Publish Date: January 10, 2013
Disclaimer: Fanfiction is essentially free advertising! Therefore, please don't sue me!
Notes: Written for [community profile] fandom_stocking 2012 per [personal profile] gladdecease's request! Asexuality/demisexuality and meta, I hope this "make[s you] happier than words can say" and, once again, thank you so, so, so much for the Kogorou/Eri fic you wrote me last year! Also written for [livejournal.com profile] manycases1truth's Challenge #79: Child(ren).
Summary: Agasa Hiroshi's thoughts and feelings regarding his bachelorhood.

(A Bachelor's Life)

Crossposted to [livejournal.com profile] theorchidforest (my fic journal), [community profile] fandom_stocking, [livejournal.com profile] detective_conan, and FanFiction.Net.
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I hope that this isn't a repeat, but this idea really caught my imagination:


Everyone's probably seen summaries of stories when Shinichi is turned into a girl, but what about other possibilies? For example, what if the poison made him 10 years OLDER instead of younger? He'd have fewer restrictions on him, but it would also be more difficult for him to hide his identity. He would also need to be able to support himself without getting the Black Org. on his trail. Plus, if murders keep happening around him...

It may work if his mother intensively tutors him in disguises for a couple of months. Then the dead bodies would keep appearing around random people that the police later can't find. It may give the police a bit of a complex that all of these people are better at solving crimes than they are, at least until someone suggests that Kaitou Kid has taken up detective work.

This isn't the only possibility of course. Maybe the apotoxin was supposed to be an undetectable steriod but killed all the test subjects. How would super strength or super speed affect Shinichi's life? Considering how unscientific the apotoxin is, you could substitute a variety of super powers.

Or how about something that hurts Shinichi? You could do a pretty angsty one-shot about Shinichi with memory loss, especially if the brain damage is so that his memory loss is reoccuring. Deaf Shinichi? One issue to consider is whether the Black Org. as a whole even knows that Shinichi is supposed to be dead at first. Supposedly Gin forgets the faces of his victims, but Vodka may still speak up if Shinichi appears on TV. Hopefully, Shinichi would have some leeway at first as long as he keeps a low profile.

Finally, you can still use the Shinichi turns into a girl example, but please focus on how Shinichi turning into a girl would logically affect his life and the storyline instead of solely on your pairing. Pairings don't make a story; good writing does. Sorry if I seem condenscending here. I've read a few good gender benders, but I also see way too many stories in general that skip over logic in favor of getting two characters together.

Edit: One suggestion by ran_dezvous is to have someone else take the apotoxin instead of Shinichi. This would be alternating the victim instead of, or along with, the result. "# People Who Could Have Taken Apotoxin", anyone? :) A longer story would also be fun.

I do want to point out though that serious stories should have a logical reason for the Black Org using the apotoxin instead of a gunshot. My understanding of Gin using it in the first place was both that he wanted to try out the new poison and that he wanted to avoid the attention a gunshot would cause. One example might be that the Black Org. finds out that Kaito is the new Kaitou Kid, but they would prefer that no one look into why Kid steals things. A high school student dropping dead of unknown causes is not obviously murdered like a high school student dead from a gunshot wound would be. This is assuming that the Black Org. is the organization that shoots at Kid. Another possibility could be using a new Black Org. member that prefers to kill with poison instead of with guns.
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As 2012 comes to a close and man is still alive:


What does the start of the new year mean for these characters? What hopes do they have for the future? Is Vermouth off drinking a cocktail? Does the Mouri household watch the idols on Kohaku Uta Gassen? Who is having auspicious dreams? Cheers!
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Hey there! There's a new chapter up in the crossover I'm writing, so I thought I'd plug the fic again.

Title: Make a Wish
Total Word Count: 12,148
Rating: T
Summary: Aoko is given the choice to become a magical girl, and have one wish granted. She does not hesitate to take the opportunity.
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This week's challenge is:


I know that those of you who just finished your finals probably don't want to think any more about tests, but school isn't the only place for exams. What about a medical exam? Did Takagi have to pass an exam to join the police? Maybe there's a special exam for Black Org members to qualify for an alcoholic name. Eri probably had to pass a bar exam to become a lawyer. Feel free to list any other ideas you come up with. After all, they may inspire plot bunnies! :)


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